Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Seemed like a good day to post something.

I've been putting it off because I don't like to share bad news.
Yeah, that's right, Leatherwood Press now says that they don't know how to market The Watchers of Sionon and they are probably going to drop me.

So I was looking for a publisher when I found them and I can do it again right? Who knows, maybe they will still take a chance. It's still a good book and just because it doesn't fit into a nice little genre mold doesn't mean it won't do well.

But for now, I'm tired of banging my head and I'm going to give it a rest. I'm putting the Watchers trilogy back on ice and I'm working on something that will be easier to sell...

Not telling yet, but I'm very excited about it. I just finished reworking the first chapter and it's phenomenal! I think I will enter it in the First Chapter competition at the LDSstorymakers conference in May.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

This year looks good for me. My book is getting published, and though that makes me a little nervous, I can't wait. As for other goals this year I can just look at last years. They are lose the weight, be a better mother-housekeeper-wife and of course write some more books.

I love this time of year. I get to start fresh and plan big. Today I am setting up a new writing desk. This one is just for me with no STUFF on it that isn't mine. I can set up my writing and not be annoyed that others move it or bury it under thier clutter. It will all be MY clutter.

The first thing I'm going to do on my new desk is finish the first complete rewrite of book 2 of the Watchers series. I hope to finish it before I have to do the final edits on book 1. This could be tricky as that is coming out supposedly in February. But I never hear from the publisher and I have to have something to do to keep my mind off of it or go crazy.

My goal is to write every week day, to treat my writing as a real job and not somthing I squeeze in between the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to a great year!