Planet of the Red Dust

Who will bury you, Jared Adams? This sobering thought haunts the sole survivor of the space ship Wayfarer. As science officer, Jared knows that Terra Z92007 can’t sustain life except for a few weeks a year. All the evidence implies that this planet is dead, and yet, to his disbelief, two humans show up at the crash site.
Aaronia, daughter of the king, sees a flaming orb explode on the cliffs of Yahhaidd. Her gift of portent calls her to explore the meaning of the sign. She and her uncle find Jared, a strange man, who speaks babble and yet appears almost God-like. He rescues her uncle by throwing lightning from his hand and takes them back to camp in a miraculous cart that goes without a beast.
Though their languages are different, Aaronia and Jared are oddly drawn to each other. His words confuse, and yet he speaks to her soul.

Aaronia’s father, the King, in fear of Jared’s technology, puts him in prison, later sentencing him to death. Aaronia finds a way to prevent Jared’s execution, but this doesn’t save him, or the people of Sionon, from a dying planet . . .

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