Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's only a few days away and I'm sure I won't have time on the 31st to do anything except hand out candy and gear up for NaNoWriMo. So I thought I would post my Halloween cards today.
I've recieved some great ones in the last years and wanted to share a couple of my favorites.
(Just click on the links below the photos, I hope this works...)

Happy Halloween

Flaming Bag of Poo

Hear's wishing all you gouls and guys a Spooktacular Halloween!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Self esteem issues?

Okay, so I finally can't stand it and I e-mail the editor at leatherwood press.
She did say that if I hadn't heard from her by the end of September to send a note. I hadn't heard, so I did. She was very prompt to reply.

She hasn't had time to read the book yet, but went on to say that this was a good thing becuse it would mean that it would come out in Januray or February of 2011 instead of late this fall. Anyway, it's better for it to come out after January because the bookstores will buy more copies. That's how it works I guess.

HUH? I guess I missed the part earlier, where they said they were going to publish it this fall. She did mention something on the phone about them having already scheduled it, but I took that to mean it was up for reviews or something. (Yah, I know, Norma's off in her own little world again.) Now I'm embarassed.

The truth is, I can't believe this is real. I've been in denial. I was feeling so rock bottom low from all the rejections I had recieved that I couldn't recognise it when someone said they actually wanted it. It seems too good to be true, and to happen so fast after all these years of working on the book. My friends who have gotten published have had to wait months or even years from the point of acceptance to the point of release. I'm blown away. I guess it pays to be with a smaller publisher who doesn't have a large base of already published clients ahead of you. (And no, they are not a vanity press, I checked. I have friends who have friends who have published with them.)

So it looks like I'm in, as long as they don't read the rest of the book and decide it doesn't meet their expectations. (See, there I go again, doubting myself.)

Whoo Hoo! I think I'm an author!
I AM an author, and now I'm about to be published.
(Keep telling me that, so I can believe it.)
Chant with me...I'm getting published, I really am getting published, I'M getting published, I'm getting PUBLISHED!