Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Plethora of Wonderful Things.

I haven't abandoned my blog, really I haven't. I've just been so busy doing exciting things that I haven't had time to stop and talk about it

I couldn't understand why I've been feeling so stressed lately. Things have been going really well for me.  However, yesterday it hit me that stress is not always from negative things. Sometimes stress is a result of too many good things at once.

As I went over what was good in my life, I realized that I have a plethora of wonderful, exciting things going on right now. I'd like to share a couple of them with you.

The most major thing that I am super excited about is that I have three, yes three, books in various stages of publication as we speak. I expect to be telling you a lot about them soon.
The first one is the sequel to The Gift of Lies that I've been promising you. I will be revealing the cover for that soon and I'm very pleased with how it is looking. I hope to have the book released by the end of May at the very latest. It all depends on the editor at this point.
The second one is the first of my Sionian trilogy that is under contract with WiDo publishing. I'm expecting the second round of edits on it any day. I have no release date yet, but once the edits are done I hope it goes faster.
The third is the second of that trilogy which is in for consideration with WiDo. I havn't heard if they like it yet, but I have faith that once the first one comes out they will start on that.

So keep watching, things will be hopping on this blog before long as I shout to the world about my books. I hope I don't make you all crazy tooting my own horn.

The next major project that I'm working on and loving is my garden. I've been a little frustrated with my patch of sunshine the last two years, but a little bird by the name of Tiffany Hutchinson pointed me in a new direction that has me smiling and throwing seeds around again.
It's called  Back to Eden gardening. It's really not a new technique, but it's a return to a more natural way that people seem to have lost. If you want to know more about it you can find it on YouTube. I won't bore you with details here.
Let me just tell you that I am really excited to see how it works out for me. I'm busy dumping mulchy wood chips everywhere and planting things that I had given up on like potatoes again. I do love my garden and now I have hope again that it can be all that I want it to be. Come by this summer and see how it looks.