Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life after NaNo

I've completed my goal and won the event, and what a relief not to have that hanging over my head.
It was fun and it was not, but it was good for me. I was forced to do what I should do anyway and that is to write every day.
So now, the challenge I give myself, is to continue on, writing as if I had a deadline, writing as if I really mean it.
Today I did something that will motivate me to stay with it. I signed up for the LDS Storymakers conference in May; not only that, but I signed up for the Publication Primer workshop beforehand. I did boot camp last year, and learned so much that the chance to do something even more intense was more than I could resist.
Now, whenever I think "Oh, I'll write tomorrow." I will be reminded that I have to show up in May, and act like I'm a serious writer. I do not like to be embarrassed, so I will be more likely to sit my bottom down and work at what I love best, instead of puttering about the house doing whatever else distracts me.
Does anyone else besides me, have to force themselves to do what they love to do? There is a sure sign of insanity in that isn't there?