Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've been thinking for months that it was time for a new post here, but I put it off because I kept thinking that I would be inspired with something epic and wise to say. Like that will happen . . .

I hate to write a lot of worthless blather. Nobody wants to know what I made for dinner, (unless it killed somebody maybe), or where I went today, (jail because of the fatal dinner perhaps), or what I did in the garden. All the things that have taken up the greater part of my time are pretty boring.

It also seems counter productive to write a blog when I have a novel in the works that needs my attention and is not getting it. So my question to send out into the void for today is "What to you do when you can't seem to make yourself focus on what you really want to do?"

I know that the best remedy for not writing is to sit your bum down in the chair and start typing, but this last week it seems that even when I make myself sit down and pull up the lap top, all I do is stare at the page and think about what needs changed rather than get on with the work. I've been banged about the head with so much advice on how to be a better writer that I no longer have the ability to just let the story flow. How can I turn off the internal editor and enjoy witing again?