Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Self esteem issues?

Okay, so I finally can't stand it and I e-mail the editor at leatherwood press.
She did say that if I hadn't heard from her by the end of September to send a note. I hadn't heard, so I did. She was very prompt to reply.

She hasn't had time to read the book yet, but went on to say that this was a good thing becuse it would mean that it would come out in Januray or February of 2011 instead of late this fall. Anyway, it's better for it to come out after January because the bookstores will buy more copies. That's how it works I guess.

HUH? I guess I missed the part earlier, where they said they were going to publish it this fall. She did mention something on the phone about them having already scheduled it, but I took that to mean it was up for reviews or something. (Yah, I know, Norma's off in her own little world again.) Now I'm embarassed.

The truth is, I can't believe this is real. I've been in denial. I was feeling so rock bottom low from all the rejections I had recieved that I couldn't recognise it when someone said they actually wanted it. It seems too good to be true, and to happen so fast after all these years of working on the book. My friends who have gotten published have had to wait months or even years from the point of acceptance to the point of release. I'm blown away. I guess it pays to be with a smaller publisher who doesn't have a large base of already published clients ahead of you. (And no, they are not a vanity press, I checked. I have friends who have friends who have published with them.)

So it looks like I'm in, as long as they don't read the rest of the book and decide it doesn't meet their expectations. (See, there I go again, doubting myself.)

Whoo Hoo! I think I'm an author!
I AM an author, and now I'm about to be published.
(Keep telling me that, so I can believe it.)
Chant with me...I'm getting published, I really am getting published, I'M getting published, I'm getting PUBLISHED!


  1. Norma, that's wonderful!! Can you tell us more about your book and the publisher?

  2. Carol, A friend sent me a link which talks about Walnut Springs Press (an imprint of Leatherwood)
    I quoted the pertinate parts here. If you would like to read the entire article, the link is

    "Leatherwood Press, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, was founded in 2004 by the current President and co-owner, Garry P. Mitchell. It publishes in the Mormon market under two imprints, Leatherwood Press, and since 2008, Walnut Springs Press. Linda Prince Mulleneaux is the Managing Editor, and Amy Orton the Art and Marketing Director. The company has produced 159 books since 2004, mostly children’s and non-fiction books. Since 2008 it has also published thirteen fiction books. In 2009 it published two children’s books, eleven nonfiction books, and five novels. In 2010 it is scheduled to publish eight nonfiction books and eight novels. In terms of number of titles, Leatherwood appears to have moved into the second position, behind Cedar Fort, as most active independent publisher. Mulleneaux commented, “In the last few years we have struggled financially, but things appear to be looking up now.”

    Authors who published with Leatherwood were effusive in their praise of Mulleneaux as an editor and an advocate for the authors, although some noted that the editing and rewriting period was rushed, resulting in embarrassing mistakes. There was a split of opinions about the company’s marketing efforts. Some authors were disappointed, while others accepted the fact that the company’s budget necessitated self-marketing.

    One Walnut Springs author noted that one attraction she had towards the company was that the contract did not require “right of first refusal”, a provision found in many contracts in the Mormon market. Mulleneaux commented “right-of-first refusal clauses are uncommon in the publishing world in general . . . ROFR clauses are often illegal (they restrict trade) and unenforceable.” The WiDo contract also apparently does not contain the “right of first refusal” clause, but Brent Rowley said at Valor “most of the contracts [had] a ROFR clause. It was somewhat negotiable.”

  3. Hi Norma, well done! I'll be following your progress with interest. :-)

  4. Fantastic news Norma. Well done :) I hope you'll be very happy in your new life as an author! Are you going somewhere nice on honeymoon?

  5. You're getting published! You're really getting published! You ARE an author! You ROCK! Soon ,we get to hold Watchers of Sionon in our hands! With a cover! *picturing the cover* *squeal*

  6. It's me again! I posted a shout-out to you on my blog. If you'd like, you can accept one (or both) of the awards included! Enjoy!

  7. It's me - Sue from Litopia. I had a similar experience from a small press last year and now my book's been released. It is a lovely feeling - if you want to compare experiences, just PM me on Litopia. Now you can do the happy dance...

  8. Well done! Will be following your journey on here :)