Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter, is it over yet?

It came late, but I do believe winter has finally got its claws into Wyoming. The themometer has been hovering around zero degrees farenheit for several days now.
I'm grateful that I am able to work at home and I don't have to get out in the cold all that much. I've never been one of those idiots who like cold weather. No offense intended if you are one of them, more power to yah, but I'm already counting the days until spring.

Winter clothing gives me claustrophobia. Even just getting into a car is an effort when you have three inches of extra fabric wrapped around your body. Unlocking the front door is suddenly an ordeal when your wearing gloves, and of course the house key is the smallest one on the ring.

The cars hate it as much as I do. Every morning when we have to take the girls to early morning seminary, we pray that the suburban will once again come to life and take them where they need to go. So far we have been fortunate, but when the thermometer drops yet again to minus twenty and lower, who knows? I'm dreading those days, and I don't even usually have to go out. Thank you God, for central heating.

Call me a wimp, but I'm a fair weather girl.


  1. Brrrr. It's 12ºC here and everyone's frozen solid! We're the wimps.

  2. Was -1.5 Celsius here today...not sure what that means in Fahrenheit. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!