Saturday, October 12, 2013

Something Brilliant

It's been eight months since I blogged. That's too long, but as always I put it off thinking that I'll come up with something brilliant to say. I still haven't done that so I'm going to settle for something, ah . . . um . . . well . . . at least something.

Why is it so often we hold ourselves back waiting for the perfect comment or the perfect situation to arise instead of just getting on with enjoying our lives? Seems like I'm always waiting for something good to happen instead of getting on the ball and living in a way to make it happen.

"When I get published, then I will  . . ."
"When I finally lose the weight, then I'll . . ."
"When we make a lot of money, then we can . . . "

"When I stop procrastinating things will be so much better."

Procrastination, in my case is just my way of avoiding life. I spend a lot of time escaping too. Too many books, movies, video games, these are all escapes for me. When I don't want to meet life head on, I escape into some form of entertainment that has nothing to with real life.

But you know what? When I do finally get down to living my goals instead of wishing them, My world becomes so much better. This month I'm finally finishing my novel in progress. I'm making headway on living my dreams in all areas of my life. I'm still looking forward to things getting better, but it's no longer a false hope. It's a reality, because I'm making it a reality and I feel really good about that.

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