Saturday, February 21, 2015

Movie Review: Dinotopia

Okay, time for my first ever movie review.

Just watched last night, for the second time, the movie Dinotopia.
(Photo taken from internet: maxresdefault.jpg : James Gurney illustration.)

This movie is inspired by a book written, and illustrated, by fantasy artist James Gurney. It's a beautifully illustrated book published in 1992 by Greenwich Workshop.
The movie is about four hours long, but does not drag. It takes you with a pair of brothers whose plane crashes and strands them in a strange and unheard of land called Dinotopia.

As the name implies the land is populated not only by humans but by dinosaurs. No one ever leaves Dinotopia. The brothers eventually see that they have to become a part of this society. Carl, the rebel is assigned to a hatchery where baby orphan dinosaurs are hatched. David, who ironically is afraid of heights, is assigned to the skybax riders school. He has to learn to ride large pterodactyl like birds.

Things are not as ideal as they may seem at first in this land. The prime sunstones are failing and the carnivores are on the rampage. In order to restore the sunstones and the peace, they need to go to the land beneath to get more stones. Part of the problem however is that the land beneath is forbidden and protected by carnivorous monsters.

David and Carl end up being the only ones who are not so limited by tradition that they do not dare to try. They, with the help of a rather nasty fellow who betrays them in the end, find the land beneath and restore the prime sunstone, thus, saving Dinotopia.

I like this movie. I had forgotten what a fun little adventure it was. The land created by James Gurney is delightful. The story is entertaining and it's fairly well acted. If you like Journey to the Center of the Earth, you would probably like this movie. I would recommend Dinotopia to viewers of all ages.

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