Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 Winner!

Okay! I won NaNo! I still don't have a decent plot and the story is not finished, but I did the 50,000 words and now I can lay off until after Thanksgiving and enjoy the Holidays with a free conscience. I have the beginning of a new novel that may work out to be something great with a lot of work. I would not be that far along if I had not set myself this goal. I reminded myself that I can write even when I don't want to and that it can still be good and fun at the same time. Was it worth it? Yes I think it was. I needed something to prove to myself that I can set a goal and reach it. I did that and I feel good about that. Now I can move on to finish some other things that need my attention and know that I'm able to reach a goal, even a sort of hard one. I am a goal winner!

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