Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling guilty, not groovy.

I am a quiet person. I make no excuses for that, but after reading some posts this morning from my friends blogs, I think maybe I should post a little more regularly. At the rate I've been going, Blogger is going to drop me as an inactive account.

I haven't been much more diligent on my WIP either. I hadn't written anything for several weeks, until yesterday. I have been going through a sort of subtle depression I think. I read too much, watched too many movies, and generally did anything to avoid my life, including my writing.

I made myself write yesterday and felt so good after, that I cant figure out why I was putting it off. It seems I always put off the things that are best for me, like eating healthy, exercise, personal time and writing. It's crazy, it's got to stop.

So I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm going to make myself write every day for at least an hour, five to six days a week. I'm going to write first thing in the morning, while the girls sleep in and Jeff has already left for work.

I'm also going to post on this blog at least once or twice a week. Hopefully that will help to keep me thinking like a professional writer. It will force me to organize my thoughts and think about my life and how it's going. Who knows, maybe it will become a daily thing and I'll actually have something to say for a change... or not.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent plan. Why do we put off what makes us feel good? Crazy people. :)