Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Picture me gasping as I drag myself away from the word processor on my mop water soaked knees. "Must... clean.... house..."

Needless to say my WIP is going slower than I would like, and I'm having withdrawals.

I've been away from my computer a lot lately due to company and other of life's interruptions. So not only haven't I written, I haven't been keeping up on my online presence. Not that anyone would notice, as I'm not much of a presence anyway...

I've noticed that I am invisible in cyberspace. Other people carry on friendships and conversations merrily, but when I happen to have a comment and post it, nine times out of ten there's no response. Now, I know that I'm odd and maybe what I say doesn't make any sense, but you'd think someone would at least pipe up and say "Huh?"
The silence is giving me a complex. #doIhaveBO?

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